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I wasn’t really sure what Pathogenics was when Rachel approached me to say she thought it could help me with my eczema, but I had been suffering with it for ten years so was willing to give it a go – and I am really glad I did. I had patches of eczema in various parts of my body including my eyelids and elbows.  I saw a reduction in the redness and itching almost straight away and although it did keep returning in between clearings, it was less severe each time. My eczema has almost totally disappeared after a couple of months of working with Rachel and as a bonus my energy levels are also noticeably improved. Rachel has been really clear on when she was doing the healing and what I needed to do afterwards to help support the process. I didn’t have to do anything my end when the healing was happening which was brilliant as with two young children my time is limited, Rachel sent healing while I got on with my day. I would highly recommend working with Rachel, she is extremely supportive, knowledgeable and will work with you to heal your body.

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