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KO London, UK

I’ve been on my pathogenics journey for 3 months and I’ve noticed a steady improvement in symptoms that have been ongoing around skin and gut. Some symptoms disappeared very quickly whilst others have been part of a longer process.  Its been so interesting learning about underlying pathogens that I have in my body and how they are affecting me, and the fact that they can be cleared by Rachel in this way is mind blowing! I’m excited to continue the journey and see what else unfolds.’

L.W Coventry, W Midlands, UK

I had a very gentle reaction to the energy healing. For me it wasn’t a quick fix but a graduation process (I think Rachel must have carried out about 6-8 clearings in total). My issue was IBS, something that came in bouts, usually triggered by travel and stress. I had recently returned from Asia and had had an awful tummy while I was there and was desperate to sort it out. Rachel was a really lovely person to work with. She was excellent at listening and taking on board any comments and encouraged me to open up so that she could treat the ‘whole’ person and not just the condition.   Her approach was very professional and she was quick at getting back to my queries and observations. I was curious and interested to try energy healing and the process was explained well (although I am still curious as to what she actually did!). After my first few sessions I noticed unexpected things like a bad headache, fitful sleep – all things Rachel encouraged me to share with her and all things that she noted and reassured me about as these can be a temporary reaction to the energy clearings.  My IBS seems to have disappeared which I’m delighted about but I’m still to test it out on long haul travel, so perhaps what I’m saying is that I can’t believe it and it seems too good to be true!

R.S Halesowen, W Midlands, UK

I wasn’t really sure what Pathogenics was when Rachel approached me to say she thought it could help me with my eczema, but I had been suffering with it for ten years so was willing to give it a go – and I am really glad I did. I had patches of eczema in various parts of my body including my eyelids and elbows.  I saw a reduction in the redness and itching almost straight away and although it did keep returning in between clearings, it was less severe each time. My eczema has almost totally disappeared after a couple of months of working with Rachel and as a bonus my energy levels are also noticeably improved. Rachel has been really clear on when she was doing the healing and what I needed to do afterwards to help support the process. I didn’t have to do anything my end when the healing was happening which was brilliant as with two young children my time is limited, Rachel sent healing while I got on with my day. I would highly recommend working with Rachel, she is extremely supportive, knowledgeable and will work with you to heal your body.

N.S Asheville, North Carolina, USA

I have fibromyalgia and several other medical and emotional issues, so many, too much to list, and I must say even though I have done a lot of alternative and energy work, I am even a reiki master, I was still very skeptical of doing this, but I thought since I have tried so much with no or little improvement I would try this. It has been slow going, but little by little I have been noticing improvements, actually my family noticed before I did. It was hard for me to notice since I have so much pain and so many issues going, it gets overwhelming. I have so many sensitivities and I am highly sensitive. The first thing my husband noticed was that I was not wearing my sunglasses as much, when he told me this I was surprised I had not noticed, but after he said that I realized my eyes no longer burned from the daylight, which was pretty cool. The next thing he noticed was that my mood had improved, and the most current thing that has improved are my feet. In the beginning I had searing and excruciating pain in both of my feet and plantar fasciitis pain in both feet, it was getting so bad that I could hardly walk or do downward dog in yoga or even flex and extend my feet, it would cause so much pain. On a scale of 0 to 10 (In USA 0 is no pain and 10 is the worse pain) and it was a 10 and after working with Rachel it is steadily at a 3-4, with burning pain on and off, before it was constant so there has definitely been shifts and improvements on this journey. I can even do downward dog for a short time!! I actually catch glimpses of the old me pre-sickness, and it gives me hope!!!! Rachel is kind, compassionate, and very patient and a powerful healer and I would highly recommend giving this and her a try. I am looking forward to continuing my healing journey with her and see where it goes. I have hope for the 1st time in a long time.

T.S Nuneaton, Warwicksire, UK

I thought I’d give Pathogenics a try as I got to a point where I knew the doctors couldn’t help me and I was living with so many problems in multiple areas of my body.  I am still working with Rachel but so far my fatigue is already disappearing, general levels of pain are dropping, my digestion has dramatically improved and my restless legs have all but gone.  I don’t know how she does what she does but I don’t really care as I know from how I feel and watching the changes in my body take place that it works.  I am just starting to feel like my old self again before all my health issues started.  My advice would be to just give it a go – it works!!

M.P Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK

Earlier this year (2019) I developed an irritating and persistent cough which went on for around three months. I paint old furniture for a living and initially put it down to inhaling sawdust and expected it would eventually go away. It didn’t. After two visits to my GP, who told me it wasn’t a chest infection and therefore wouldn’t give me any medication, and an x-ray (just to be on the safe side) I was at the end of my tether wondering if it was ever going to go away.  Rachel did some research and found out that very old furniture could give off a kind of fungus or spore which I had probably inhaled and may be part of the reason my body was struggling to shift this cough. She then advised me as to how the pathogen clearings would work, and the layers of infection and unwanted elements present in my body, which she would slowly clear, without even being near me.  All I had to do was be open to the treatment and drink plenty of water to flush out my system.  Considering how long I had been struggling with this cough, within a week to 10 days I started to feel better and soon after it was gone completely. I hadn’t felt so well in months!  There are many sceptics among us, but it worked for me and I’d encourage anyone to give it a chance.  Rachel, thank-you so much again!

A W Oxfordshire

‘After struggling for years with various gynecological problems including fertility issues, pcos and endometriosis  (15 years ago, I’d had ectopic cells on my cervix removed after months of bleeding and painful symptoms). Recently, I was feeling incredibly sore and swollen and felt achey inside, I’d got lower aching back pain, And was getting sharp pains in my pelvic and abdomen area, and for some time it had been hurting during sex. A lot of these symptoms were similar to the problems I’d had years ago but also reflected a lot of symptoms for cervical cancer.

Unable to have a smear test due to self isolating, I was really worried and contacted Rachel and asked her to run a test to see if I had the HPV virus that’s common in women with cervical cancer. Rachel was such a calming influence and reassured me that there may be many reasons for my symptoms. She was super professional and after asking a few quick questions. She tested me straight away and I was so relieved to hear I’d tested negative to all the HPV viruses.

However she did pick up several other pathogens that were causing the problems and bloating and pain I was in. The pain by now was so bad I was struggling to exercise and eat normally. Rachel began clearing me that day. Initially the next day I felt worse but I understood this was a positive thing as that often can happen as pathogens are cleared from the body. But then two days later I felt fantastic!! The pain had reduced by 90% and the bloating and swollen feeling had gone completely.

And since then I’ve not experienced any problems. What’s even more interesting is a lot of the pathogens Rachel cleared from me are linked to presenting symptoms of pcos, endometriosis and fertility problems. I do wonder if all along my problems related to these pathogens but had never been picked up by my gynaecologist or the hospitals during my operations and consultations. I’m so relieved it wasn’t anything more sinister and it’s really put my mind at rest. And it looks like I’ve finally put an end to years of fertility and gynealogical problems. Hurray! Thank you so much Rachel! So incredibly grateful and glad I contacted you.


I loved this course! I am a Reiki Master so have dabbled with dowsing many times over the years but never felt confident with the guidance I was getting back, I wasn’t even sure I was using it properly. Doing Rachels Dowsing Course has helped me with the structure of Dowsing and I am now a regular Pendulum user, in fact I can’t seem to do Healings without it since the Course. What I liked about it was that it was structured in a way that allowed me to understand the guidelines of Dowsing, how to use it in really practical ways and also the importance of respecting the energy and connection that is needed to get the accurate guidance. Rachel is such a wonderful teacher and she guides you through each section, its a really fun, relaxed and inclusive course. If you would like to know how to use your Pendulum in a ethical accurate way then this is the Course for you.

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