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The Process

  1. Decide which of the following packages suits you best and click on the link.
  2. This will take you to a booking page to book your one to one consultation. 
  3. You will then be taken to a client intake form, where you can outline all your symptoms and choose which ones are your priorities to be relieved of.
  4. You will then be taken to the payment page where you can pay for your chosen package using a credit or debit card.
  5. Once your booking is received you will then be tested remotely, and your reports will be prepared ready for your consultation. 
  6. I will then be in touch to confirm your appointment (with Zoom link if required).
  7. During the consultation I will explain more about Pathogenics and talk through your results.  
  8. Pathogen clearing will start immediately after the consultation and then twice weekly after that (or less if you prefer).
  9. Symptoms start to lift, and you feel better.  
  10. You tell all your family and friends how great you feel and that Pathogenics works! 

Which Package should I choose? 

All packages include: 

  1. Testing for pathogens in your chosen areas, from a comprehensive list of the most commonly found bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, protozoans, worms, metals, and chemicals
  1. Preparing a report of findings. 
  1. 1-2-1 consultation, either via Zoom or telephone call (your choice), to explain how the clearing process works and to discuss your results. 
  1. Clearing the first priority 5/10/15 or 25 pathogens (depending on package chosen) 

You will be asked questions about your health in the following areas: 

Fatigue/Energy Levels   Sleep   Digestion   Body Temperature   Skin/Hair/Nails   Ears/Nose/Throat   Lungs/Respiratory   Eyes   Headaches/Migraines   Muscles/Joints   Genitourinary   Mood   Heart   Dental/Jaw/Mouth    

On the intake form you will be asked to choose the priority symptoms that you wish to work on If further through the process you wish to be tested for additional symptoms, then this can be done at any time.  

Clearing more than 5 pathogens is most likely necessary to eliminate your symptoms fully, especially if you have multiple symptoms. If you are someone with symptoms in multiple areas of the body and have been experiencing them for some time, then you may want to choose one of the larger packages which will be more cost effective for you.  

Bronze Package £125.00

Schedule Appointment

  • Testing in 3 areas  
  • Clearing 5 Pathogens 

Silver Package £225.00

Schedule Appointment

  • Testing in 5 areas  
  • Clearing 10 Pathogens 

Gold Package £325.00  

Schedule Appointment

  • Testing in 10 areas  
  • Clearing 15 Pathogens 

Platinum Package £495.00   

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  • Testing in all areas  
  • Clearing 25 Pathogens 

Option to Purchase Additional Pathogen Clearings  

This includes every layer of a named pathogen and a free re-clear if you pick up a re-infection within 12 months. So, you only pay for a pathogen once until it is completely clear. 

Single Pathogen £22.00 each 

Block of 10 Pathogens £200.00  

Block of 25 Pathogens £435.00  

Block of 50 Pathogens £775.00  


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