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Pathogenics is the practise of detecting and clearing pathogens in the body, addressing health conditions at the root. Accurately, efficiently, remotely, without the use of supplements, dietary changes, or any additional treatments or blood tests. As pathogens are cleared – you begin to heal.

Healing does not have to be an arduous journey

What are Pathogens?

Pathogens are disease producing organisms. These include:


Although not classified as ‘pathogens’ this process can also clear:

* removes toxicity not immunity

For the purpose of this process I will refer to all of these things as pathogens as they are detected and cleared in the same way.

Pathogens can be picked up in a number of ways such as:

Through everyday life, foreign travel, pets, gardening, farm animals, food, other people, surfaces, hospital visits, surgery, wounds, giving birth, vaccinations, medications, dental work, water, industry, insect bites etc. They can also be present after an illness, when although you have ‘recovered’, there are still small amounts of the pathogen remaining that the immune system cannot remove completely.

Often, pathogens appear in small amounts, at a ‘trace’ or ‘remnant’ level, therefore not presenting 100% of the symptoms of a particular disease but leaving you with annoying issues or sometimes debilitating conditions. When these remnant level pathogens are layered, and in groups, they can present as serious health conditions. It is very common for these remnant level pathogens to go undetected through testing as they fall below most testing capabilities. Therefore, understandable that both mainstream and alternative testing methods can give you an ‘all clear’ result when you continue to experience many symptoms. When these remnant level pathogens accumulate, they become a ‘cocktail’ of different viruses, bacteria, parasites etc and depending on the number and type of pathogens involved can lead to ‘umbrella’ diagnoses such as auto-immune, chronic fatigue, eczema or just one annoying issue such as tinnitus, pins and needles or itching and so on- the list is endless. There are so many health conditions that the mainstream medical system have limited success with and at best can offer a lotion, pill or procedure that hopes to relieve the symptoms and at worst nothing at all.

Pathogenics does not diagnose illness or put labels on your symptoms. What we do is detect what pathogens are present in your body, and from the known symptoms of these different pathogens we can connect these with the symptoms that you are experiencing. It is usually fairly obvious once a full test has been carried out where your issues are coming from. However, for more complex issues it is a journey which can entail removing many layers. Once the testing stage is completed then we can start the clearing process. Pathogenics is not usually a ‘quick fix’, although some issues can be sorted very quickly, most take some patience and understanding that it is a process of ‘unpicking’ layers, with gradual improvements over weeks or months. We often find that when pathogens are removed then other ‘suppressed’ pathogens are sometimes revealed that had not shown up on the initial test.

About Rachel

I understand that for most people the concept of energy healing is a little outside their comfort zone, therefore it may help you to know a little more about who you are working with and how I came to start Pure Pathogenics.

My name is Rachel Doyle, born and currently living in Coventry, UK. I’m in my early 50’s (and loving it!) and I live with my partner Colin and Alfie our Jack Russell Terrier.

I have always had a keen interest in my own health and well-being and am a Natural Juice Therapist and Reiki Master. I have a passion for natural health solutions and teach others about how to look after their own health and prevention of diseases through a natural, mostly plant-based diet. I love juicing fresh fruits and vegetables and make my own raw chocolate amongst other healthy delights! But despite my love of good nutrition, clean eating, cleansing and other more extreme natural health protocols -I knew something was missing. I could not get the answers from either mainstream medicine, alternative therapies or nutrition as to why people got ill, people that seemed to be doing all the ‘right’ things (including myself). When I discovered Pathogenics, I knew it was the answer that I was looking for. It just made so much sense. I started studying it and knew straight away that this was what I was meant to be doing.   I love helping my clients with varying different health issues and with excellent results (check out the testimonial page). It gives me a huge sense of satisfaction to be able to help people in this way. Please reach out if you have any questions.

I hope to be working with you very soon.


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