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I had a very gentle reaction to the energy healing. For me it wasn’t a quick fix but a graduation process (I think Rachel must have carried out about 6-8 clearings in total). My issue was IBS, something that came in bouts, usually triggered by travel and stress. I had recently returned from Asia and had had an awful tummy while I was there and was desperate to sort it out. Rachel was a really lovely person to work with. She was excellent at listening and taking on board any comments and encouraged me to open up so that she could treat the ‘whole’ person and not just the condition.   Her approach was very professional and she was quick at getting back to my queries and observations. I was curious and interested to try energy healing and the process was explained well (although I am still curious as to what she actually did!). After my first few sessions I noticed unexpected things like a bad headache, fitful sleep – all things Rachel encouraged me to share with her and all things that she noted and reassured me about as these can be a temporary reaction to the energy clearings.  My IBS seems to have disappeared which I’m delighted about but I’m still to test it out on long haul travel, so perhaps what I’m saying is that I can’t believe it and it seems too good to be true!

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