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Earlier this year (2019) I developed an irritating and persistent cough which went on for around three months. I paint old furniture for a living and initially put it down to inhaling sawdust and expected it would eventually go away. It didn’t. After two visits to my GP, who told me it wasn’t a chest infection and therefore wouldn’t give me any medication, and an x-ray (just to be on the safe side) I was at the end of my tether wondering if it was ever going to go away.  Rachel did some research and found out that very old furniture could give off a kind of fungus or spore which I had probably inhaled and may be part of the reason my body was struggling to shift this cough. She then advised me as to how the pathogen clearings would work, and the layers of infection and unwanted elements present in my body, which she would slowly clear, without even being near me.  All I had to do was be open to the treatment and drink plenty of water to flush out my system.  Considering how long I had been struggling with this cough, within a week to 10 days I started to feel better and soon after it was gone completely. I hadn’t felt so well in months!  There are many sceptics among us, but it worked for me and I’d encourage anyone to give it a chance.  Rachel, thank-you so much again!

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