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‘After struggling for years with various gynecological problems including fertility issues, pcos and endometriosis  (15 years ago, I’d had ectopic cells on my cervix removed after months of bleeding and painful symptoms). Recently, I was feeling incredibly sore and swollen and felt achey inside, I’d got lower aching back pain, And was getting sharp pains in my pelvic and abdomen area, and for some time it had been hurting during sex. A lot of these symptoms were similar to the problems I’d had years ago but also reflected a lot of symptoms for cervical cancer.

Unable to have a smear test due to self isolating, I was really worried and contacted Rachel and asked her to run a test to see if I had the HPV virus that’s common in women with cervical cancer. Rachel was such a calming influence and reassured me that there may be many reasons for my symptoms. She was super professional and after asking a few quick questions. She tested me straight away and I was so relieved to hear I’d tested negative to all the HPV viruses.

However she did pick up several other pathogens that were causing the problems and bloating and pain I was in. The pain by now was so bad I was struggling to exercise and eat normally. Rachel began clearing me that day. Initially the next day I felt worse but I understood this was a positive thing as that often can happen as pathogens are cleared from the body. But then two days later I felt fantastic!! The pain had reduced by 90% and the bloating and swollen feeling had gone completely.

And since then I’ve not experienced any problems. What’s even more interesting is a lot of the pathogens Rachel cleared from me are linked to presenting symptoms of pcos, endometriosis and fertility problems. I do wonder if all along my problems related to these pathogens but had never been picked up by my gynaecologist or the hospitals during my operations and consultations. I’m so relieved it wasn’t anything more sinister and it’s really put my mind at rest. And it looks like I’ve finally put an end to years of fertility and gynealogical problems. Hurray! Thank you so much Rachel! So incredibly grateful and glad I contacted you.

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