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This post is not intended to increase anxiety or panic – I will leave the media to do that!

People die of infections every day, and in much larger numbers than the latest CoVID19. Most healthy people will get through it like a normal flu. All infections spread, not just Coronavirus, it’s just that this is new and is being monitored and therefore has become a much bigger perceived danger than the Influenza viruses that go around every year. Coronavirus is not a new infection, however this is a new strain. There are two strains of the infection going around, SARS-CoV-2-L and SARS-CoV-2-S. 70% of patients in China caught the more aggressive L strain, which has now become less common, and being overtaken by the less aggressive S strain.

I have been inundated with requests from people to be tested on a daily basis and I can’t keep up with the demand. So rather than testing individuals, which is very time consuming I’m offering the opportunity to have a daily clearing (either individual or family) of the 2 strains of Coronavirus until such time that it’s no longer needed. So, for anyone that feels vulnerable, or would still like the virus cleared, please sign up and I will add you to my list daily, unless you ask me not to. This means that you will be cleared every day, regardless of whether you have it or not. For those people that are experiencing symptoms and are worried and would like to be individually tested then there is an option for that also. If you feel unwell and have any of the symptoms (fever, tiredness, and dry cough or less common symptoms are aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea) then you should seek medical advice and also let me know, as more frequent clearings would be needed help to get you over a full blown infection – prevention is key here.

The cost to be included in these daily clearings for 4 weeks is £25 for a single person or £45 for a family of 4, with the option to renew for another 4 weeks if required. Clearings will be carried out at 7am each morning, which you can receive while you get on with your day. To be included in these clearings (starting tomorrow morning, but you can join at any time) please follow this link to payment.

Select from drop down list to choose your package:

As a parting note… please don’t panic! There really is no need for hysteria. This is a virus like any other strain of flu, that in time will pass and just become one of a number of viruses that do the rounds every year, and you won’t know the name of it or what strain you have. Take a common sense approach to keeping yourself well and don’t become a victim to the hysteria.

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